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За вожњу у иностранству потребна је међународна возачка дозвола

вожња у иностранству са међународном возачком дозволом

Међународна возачка дозвола (ИДП), која је регулицана од стране УН-а, потврђује да сте власник важеће возачке дозволе у својој земљи порекла.

документи потребни за међународну возачку дозволу

Међународна возачка дозвола је важећи облик идентификације у више од 150 земаља широм света и садржи ваше име, фотографију и податке о вама на 12 светских језика.

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Do I Need international driving permit in New Caledonia?

Non-holders of a French driver’s license must possess an International Driving Permit (IDP) in New Caledonia. When driving overseas, the driver must bring an IDP and a valid local driver’s license at all times. Your IDP is not a standalone document.

Operating a steering wheel without any legal documents, drivers will settle a high fine. You also need to present your IDP to a car rental company if you decide to rent a car.

But first, what is an IDP?

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is a document that is agreed upon by the United Nations as per the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, used to translate your valid driver’s license into 12 of the widely used languages worldwide. If you are a tourist that’s planning on driving in the country, you must have an IDP along with your valid National Driving Licence.

Now, how can you get an IDP?

It’s fairly simple by following these steps:

  1. Click the blue Apply for IDP button on any part of the page.
  2. Answer the short quiz honestly.
  3. Read the instructions and prepare your driver’s license and credit card.
  4. Once it’s ready, fill out all the information that’s written on your driver’s license. Please ensure that everything is written accurately.
  5. Attach a copy of your valid driver’s license along with your passport-size photo.
  6. Type in your credit card details to pay your IDP fee.

It is really exciting to go on a road trip outside the country. That’s why our IDP is recognized in 165+ countries worldwide including the following:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Namibia
  • Iceland
  • Botswana
  • Jamaica
  • Ukraine
  • South Africa
  • Congo
  • Lesotho
  • Macao
  • Panama
  • and more!

Top Destinations in New Caledonia

Diplomatically speaking, New Caledonia is a territorial state of France. Though it’s on the southern portion of Melanesia, it’s still a part of the French nation. The sovereign country’s technical name is Nouvelle Calédonie, and it is known for having a rich collection of history, enthralling diversity of eco-paradises, and an impressive multi-cultural mix. New Caledonia is a destination that never ceases to amuse explorers for its phenomenal and divine attractions.

For a remarkable hunting treasure experience, having a highway-bound voyage is a brilliant choice to make. New Caledonia has several car rental companies to rent out cars for a foreign driver like you. But, be sure to have an international driver’s license in New Caledonia, besides your regular driving licence. It’s an essential item to possess when driving overseas or renting a car.

Aquarium des Lagons

Aquarium des Lagons, or Aquarium of Lagoons, is a marine paradise in Anse Vata Bay of Nouméa. It is among the tourist’s hotspots in New Caledonia. From its exceptional display of mesmerizing phosphorescent corals to an exclusive garden with a turtle pool, guests will have epic learning about the beautiful underwater life. The aquarium park annually holds a famous show relative to “nocturnals”—a showcase to observe fish’s night behavior.

Foreign visitors may bring along their kids when heading to this site. It’s an ideal venue for them to appreciate the marine creatures. When planning a visit, be sure to schedule it from Tuesdays to Sundays before 5 PM. The site is not available or open on Mondays and Saturdays. Do also consider weekdays to explore the place. Crowds are not that huge on those days.

The Magnificent Fluorescent Nautilus And Corals

While admiring the fascinating exhibition of marine life in the aquarium, visitors should not miss witnessing the nautiluses. It’s a bizarre kind of mollusk that showcases great ballet exercises to the guests. Another significant highlight to note is the fluorescent corals. Travelers can only see them in the dark. They mostly have a lot of exposure from the UV lights unveiling their breathtaking hues and glows.

Tjibaou Cultural Center

History enthusiasts may want to dig more of the idyllic past of New Caledonia by visiting the Tjibaou Cultural Center. The center highlights the authentic Kanak culture through its architectural style. Another legendary feature of the site is the “Kanak path,” it’s a trace mark depicting the five stages of the first man’s mythical beliefs. It’s also known as “Téâ Kanaké.”

Annually, the cultural site greets over a hundred thousand guests to witness the intriguing exhibitions inside. Most of the center’s visitors are students having an educational excursion. Sightseeing the center is best in May, June, September, and October. The weather is fair during those months, so travelers won’t worry about getting soak while traveling.

Tijibaous’s Heart

Observing the center’s whole picture, travelers can spot the 7,000 square miles building composed of epic ten ribbed and slender figures. It’s mostly out of steel and Iroko wood. The creation of those ten huts is to showcase the traditional Kanak huts to tourists. From incredible rooftop spears, tribal masterpieces, divine sculptures, and contemporary Kanak and Oceanian crafts, tourists will never go wrong on this site.

Îlot Maître

A stay on the thrilling floating lagoon lodge is an exciting experience to have in L’escapade Îlot Maître. Aside from its turquoise waters, guests can reward themselves over the stellar panoramic sights embracing the paradise. All of its bungalow rooms have air-condition, a comfy sofa, and a bathroom. Guests can also taste the savory local cuisine over breakfast, lunch, and evening meals. Water sports are also in-demand on this site.

L’escapade Îlot Maître is only less than an hour away from the capital. Travelers may ride on a boat from the port going to the island itself. In considering the season of visit, target the dry season, which is from May to October. Though the weather is winter cold, the ocean’s temperature is somewhat in condition. Of course, avoid the rainy season. Flashes of lightning are inevitable.

Ouen Toro

The Ouen Toro showcases a small hill elevating 128 meters above sea level. Trekkers are welcome to mount the summit by taking the trails to reach the peak. The whole trek does not need much effort, as even a newbie can climb on it. In tracing the path, a trekker may walk through the botanical reserve where endemic species inhabit.

Besides the trekkers, paragliders can also experience the dynamic hype of exploring the air in Ouen Toro. Going on any dates from June to September is the best time to push something outdoorsy and to have an unforgettable voyage on this site.


A hideaway journey in New Caledonia is best when sneaking into the secluded Cook pines forest and grand bay, the Port-Boisé. It’s a faraway harbor sitting next to Havannah Pass in Grand Terre. Tourists will have the chance to see the yachts surrounding the bay. Hike trails are also available near the site. So, if a guest wants to reconnect with nature, traversing the walkway trails is the best.

Diving is also incredible to do in Port-Boisé. Make sure to avoid strong tidal currents when visiting the site. June to September is the ideal period to go. Fair climate, less rain, high tides, and a strong gust of winds are most likely to experience during those months.

Zoo Forestier Michel Corbasson

The abundance of natural biomes and having perfect geographical seclusion are among the extraordinary traits of this eco-paradise in New Caledonia. The Zoo Forestier Michel Corbasson, or the Zoological and Forest Park, is the natural habitat of unusual plants and animal creatures. Another great highlight is the exquisite vibe of flora and fauna. It’s no wonder why there’s a lot of bizarre species inhabiting the site. From geckos to flightless kagu, it’s indeed unique heaven.

To feel the fresh scent of the air in the park, a visit from May to October will bring visitors that chance. Do not forget to bring enough sunscreen protectors as strong sunlight may hit guests’ faces. It’s better to wanderlust comfortably than worrying about sunburn.

Lemon Bay

Lemon Bay is a compelling paradise for swimming galore. It’s only a walk away from Ansa Vata Beach. For tourists who are not satisfied with water dipping, going for another soak is the best choice to make. Sunset watching is spectacular on this site, so missing out on that moment is a great regret to suffer. Kids may also enjoy playing at the pontoon area to jump off on the water safely.

Lovely weather, fascinating water visibility, and touching sunshine are the best deals to experience in Lemon Bay. To get that perfect picturesque moment, heading between June and October can give tourists that dreamy scenario. It will be an undefeatable voyage to have in a lifetime.

Most Important Driving Rules

Outlanders should never let any responsibilities go somewhere else, especially when traveling and driving overseas. It’s vital to exercise accountability in every aspect. Of course, obligations in driving are a must. It’s not that lighter than what others think. The lives of people are at stake, so caution should be in practice at all times. Monitoring the strict compliance of the road traffic rules should be an initiative. It must no longer need to be part of frequent reminders and notes.

Refrain from Drinking Any Alcoholic Beverages

The permitted blood alcohol level in New Caledonia is 0.05%, and all drivers must comply with it. Taking a single shot of beer or any liquor drinks can make one exceed the permitted blood alcohol level. Attempting to taste any tipsy liquids can make one face severe punishment. Do not try to drive when intoxicated. Call a back-up driver instead. If you're renting a car, you can hire a driver from your car rental supplier.

When a road enforcer catches a foreign driver drunk, a random breathing test will follow to confirm if the driver has exceeded the permitted blood alcohol level. Cooperation is a must to avoid further suspicions.

Drive on the Right Lane of the Road

Local drivers typically use the right side of the road for driving while the left lane is for overtaking. Do note that moving ahead from another vehicle will only be legal if there is leeway. Reckless overtaking will face punishment and charges. Observing the proper driving lane is only a fundamental road law. It’s a shame for operators who do not follow this rule.

Take Away Handheld Devices

Since focus is a crucial factor when driving, any distractions are not welcome. Among the high-risk disruptions is using a handheld phone. Drivers should entertain calls and messages in a safe area, not inside the moving vehicle. If it is inevitable to use the phone, try installing a hands-free system. When renting a car, ask the provider to offer a car with that feature.

Sustain the Designated Speed Limit

Excessive is not an ideal thing in whatever situation. Remember that going beyond the line can harm innocents. No one wants to risk any living to suffice the disobedience of one. The same principle goes with driving. Every roadway has a maximum speed limit to follow. Exceeding the maximum speed limit will mean danger to others. There’s no hazard in observing the rule. It can bring peaceful traffic flow instead, especially in residential areas. It’s way better than seeing injured people lying on the highway. And always fasten your seat belt.

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