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International Driving Permit in Honduras

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За вожњу у иностранству потребна је међународна возачка дозвола

вожња у иностранству са међународном возачком дозволом

Међународна возачка дозвола (ИДП), која је регулицана од стране УН-а, потврђује да сте власник важеће возачке дозволе у својој земљи порекла.

документи потребни за међународну возачку дозволу

Међународна возачка дозвола је важећи облик идентификације у више од 150 земаља широм света и садржи ваше име, фотографију и податке о вама на 12 светских језика.

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Do I need an international drivers license in Honduras?

Please note that there is no such thing as an international driver’s license. The right document that is being used to assist tourists who are driving in another country is called an International Driving Permit (IDP). This is a document that translates your home country driver’s license into 12 of the widely used languages worldwide.

Our application process is relatively easy, and you can do it in a few steps. Do note, that to ensure eligibility in driving in another foreign country as a tourist using a motor vehicle from a car rental.

Our IDP is recognized in 165+ countries worldwide, including the following:

  • Canada
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Can I drive in Honduras with my US license?

Yes, you can drive in Honduras using your U.S. driver’s license along with your IDP, as per the United Nations conference for the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic. However, you must note that an IDP does not exempt foreign drivers from the common traffic rules in the country, such as the following:

  • Driving on the right-hand side of the road
  • Carry your essential driving documents such as your valid driver’s license, IDP, passport (optional), etc.
  • Avoid drinking and driving
  • Wear your seatbelts properly

Најпопуларније дестинације у Хондурасу

From the stunning Mayan ruins in Copán to the lush and vibrant gardens of Lancetilla, Honduras offers you some of the most diverse tourist destinations in the world. If you’d prefer driving a car than riding busses and ferries, then these famous road trip destinations should be on the top of your list. Make sure to visit these spots if you want an unforgettable trip to Honduras.

Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park

Established on January 1, 1987, Cerro Azul Méambar National Park, commonly known as PANACAM, is a national park abundant with trees and vegetation. Tourists flock every year to experience the park’s outdoor activities, including hiking and bird watching.

PANACAM is also one of the national parks near Lake Yojoa. D&D Lodge, Brewery, and Restaurant is the primary host of outdoor adventures in the Lake. And since the national park borders Lake Yojoa, the park’s activities are also managed by the same lodge.

Drop by Cerro Azul Meámbar National Park from December to March, so you could sign up for outdoor activities and revel in the vibrant greenery during the dry season. However, since you’re visiting a tropical country, rains occur frequently, so be sure to plan to avoid any downpours.

Copán Ruins

Visit the Copán Ruins to travel back in time and see one of the most famous Mayan temples in Central America. The ruins dated back to around 2,000 years ago and were discovered by Diego García de Palacio in 1570. In 1980, they were finally acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are currently one of the most studied Mayan cities globally.

The archeological site boasts many structures, such as their hieroglyphic stairway, temples, ball court, and Acropolis. After touring the area, don't forget to visit the Las Sepulturas archeological site and the Museum of Mayan Sculpture to know more about Mayan culture and history. To enjoy your trip to the ruins, make sure to schedule your visit during the dry season, from December to March, to avoid as much rainfall as possible.

La Tigra National Park

Honduras is widely known for its national parks, and another park to visit is the La Tigra National Park, which is 20 km from Tegucigalpa. It was initially established as a reserve in 1952 until becoming the country’s first national park in 1980.

La Tigra National Park covers around 238 sq. km of untouched flora and fauna and houses rivers and waterfalls. Besides the lush vegetation, the park is home to various mammals like peccaries, pumas, armadillos, and agoutis. However, you’d have to try very hard to spot these creatures. To enjoy the park’s outdoor activities, drop by during the dry season from December to March so that you won’t have any problem with the weather.

Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa in northwestern Honduras is the country’s largest inland lake measuring 285 sq. km. It is volcanic in origin and has an elevation of over 2000 feet. The lake is a popular tourist destination, as visitors can go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and even hunting in the surrounding area.

Also, make sure to book your stay in the D&D Brewery, Lodge, and Restaurant. It is the main host for all the activities in Lake Yojoa and the area surrounding it. Lastly, try to make your reservations during the dry season from December to March so that you could enjoy your adventure-filled trip to Lake Yojoa without any rain.

Lancetilla Botanical Gardens

The Lancetilla Botanical Gardens is one of the biggest tropical botanical gardens globally, measuring about five kilometers from Tela. It was founded by the United Fruit Company in the mid-1920s mainly for researching bananas’ and plantains’ adaptability and market potential. Today, it is visited by tourists who want to sightsee the majestic trees and vibrant flowers growing in the garden.

Avid bird watchers can also observe birds flying by, as the garden is home to more than 200 tropical bird species. The ideal time to visit the Lancetilla Botanical Garden is during the dry season, from December to March. However, Honduras is a tropical country, so rain showers are still expected now and then.

Pico Bonito National Park

With an area of roughly 2,435 sq. km, Pico Bonito National Park is a famous national park that protects the misty mountains in Northern Honduras. The park was established in 1987 and is now home to more than 400 bird species. Pico Bonito offers many outdoor activities to tourists, including hiking, zip-lining, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

The national park is accessible at two locations: El Pino and Rio Cangrejal. Although newer lodges are being built, the Lodge at Pico Bonito is still one of the most popular eco-lodges that hosts Pico Bonito’s outdoor activities. If you want to visit the park, clear your schedule during the country’s dry season from December to March; so you can enjoy all the amenities and activities the park has to offer.

Најважнија правила вожње у Хондурасу

You may encounter rough roads, reckless drivers, and petty crimes when driving in Honduras. The driving laws may not be heavily implemented by traffic enforcers, but you still have to adhere to them to avoid accidents. To ensure your safety while traveling, be sure to read this guide. It has the most important road rules so that tourists who plan on driving in Honduras can be out of harm’s way.

Wear your seatbelt at all times

You may encounter Honduran locals who don’t obey traffic rules and drive recklessly. Driving laws are lightly implemented, as well. This results in many traffic accidents and fatal crashes. To avoid significant injuries and further casualties, it is important always to wear your seatbelt when driving in Honduras.

Wearing seatbelts is one of the driving laws that are taken seriously in the country.

Drive Defensively

As mentioned, many local drivers are reckless behind the wheel. This is why it’s important to drive defensively. Furthermore, Honduras can also experience heavy rains since it is a tropical country. Thus, tourists must always stay alert as you follow road traffic rules, and be vigilant to avoid traffic violations and road accidents.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Honduras is one of the world’s countries with the highest crime rate; some common crimes in cities include theft and carjacking. This is why tourists aren’t recommended to take public busses since they might fall victim to these crimes. Also, drivers must keep their doors and windows locked while driving to prevent robbers and petty criminals from breaking in.

Having important documents stolen in Honduras is not uncommon. That’s why you must always keep your windows and doors locked. If your IDP was lost or stolen, just contact IDA customer service to get your new International Driver's License .

Don’t Drive and Wander at Night

Many streets in Honduras aren’t well lit at night, which serves as an invitation to thieves and carjackers. Authorities advise tourists not to drive or wander around when it gets dark, as a lot of criminal activities increase when the sun goes down. So instead of experiencing the nightlife in Honduras, try to stay indoors just to be safe.

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