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International Driving Permit in Grenada

Пријавите се за међународну возачку дозволу
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За вожњу у иностранству потребна је међународна возачка дозвола

вожња у иностранству са међународном возачком дозволом

Међународна возачка дозвола (ИДП), која је регулицана од стране УН-а, потврђује да сте власник важеће возачке дозволе у својој земљи порекла.

документи потребни за међународну возачку дозволу

Међународна возачка дозвола је важећи облик идентификације у више од 150 земаља широм света и садржи ваше име, фотографију и податке о вама на 12 светских језика.

Како добити међународну возачку дозволу


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Припремите важећу возачку дозволу и адресу за доставу


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Pravila vožnje u Grenadi

Otkrijte ostrvo začina. Posetite Grenadu i iskusite njenu lepotu. Najbolji način da se istraži ova zemlja je vožnjom sopstvenim automobilom. Evo nekoliko saveta koji će vam pomoći oko vašeg divnog putovanja.   

Važni podsetnici

  • Grenada je zemlja u kojoj se vozi desnom stranom.
  • Minimalna uzrast za voznju automobila je 18 godina. Minimalna starost iznajmljivanja je 21 godina.
  • Сигурносни појас је обавезан.
  • Rezim bez ruku je obavezan. Sklonite telefon osim ukoliko nije na rezimu bez ruku. 
  • Пити одговорно. Законска граница алкохола је 80 мг на 100 мл крви.
  • Nemaograničenje brzine u Grenadi. Međutim, molimo vas da vozite pažljivo u svako doba. 
  • Treba da pokažete svoj IDP po dolasku.
  • Ima dovoljno besplatnog parkinga u Grenadi!

Vožnja u zimskom periodu

U Grenadi nema zime. Međutim, izbegavajte putovanje tokom kišne sezone od juna do decembra. Uslovi na putevima mogu biti teški za turiste. Planirajte svoje putovanje shodno tome. Neka vam u svakom trenutku kompleti za hitne slučajeve budu pri ruci.

Уживајте у свом боравку и сигурним путовањима.

How do I get an international driver’s license for Grenada?

Do note that there is no such thing as an international driver’s license. The proper, highly recommended document that you need to use to translate your valid driver’s license into 12 of the widely used languages worldwide is called an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). If you’re planning on driving in another country, it is highly recommended that you get an IDP to be allowed to do so.

An IDP is useful for the following situations:

  • During checkpoints
  • If stopped by road traffic authorities for overspeeding
  • When renting a motor vehicle through local car rental companies

Our IDP is highly recognized in 165+ countries worldwide, including the following:

  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Barbados
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Central African Republic
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Congo
  • Costa Rica
  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Gambia
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Guatemala
  • Guyana
  • Haiti
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Jordan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe
  • Sri Lanka

What are the requirements to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) for Grenada?

The requirements for getting an International Driving Permit for the country are simple. And these are the following items:

  • Filled out the application form
  • Valid home country driving license
  • Passport-size photo
  • passport (optional)
  • Credit card to pay the IDP fee

Top Road Trip Destinations in Grenada

From historic fortresses to stunning white-sand beaches, Grenada never disappoints when it comes to tourist attractions. The country has a lot to offer for people of different hobbies and interests, so visiting Grenada for a short time won’t be satisfying. Here are the top road trip destinations foreign visitors must never miss if they want an unforgettable trip to Grenada

Belmont Estate

Grenada is known as the Spice Isle, and its people surely don't take this name lightly. The Belmont Estate showcases everything you need to know about spice and cocoa. Established during the 1600s, the plantation is still standing strong and is a top tourist destination.

Foreign visitors can tour around the estate to see how chocolate is processed and visit the museum to learn more about the history and heritage of the place. Aside from this, guests can try out traditional creole dishes, drop by the petting zoo, make some crafts in the crafts' area, or buy some chocolate and spices from the gift shop. These aren’t the only activities foreign visitors can do, making Belmont Estate a fun place to go to.

Be sure to stop by Belmont Estate at the beginning of June, right before the Chocolate Festival is about to start. If you don’t like crowds, it’s best to avoid January to April. Just remember that September and October is the hurricane season, so you might not want to go during these months if you think some rain will spoil your trip.


The Carenage is an inner harbor in St. George’s, the capital of Grenada. Taking a stroll along the busy and colorful streets of the Harbor is the perfect way to unwind and see a bit of Grenada.

Walking around the area, you’d get to appreciate the 19th-century French colonial-style buildings, markets, cafés, and shops that sell different herbs, spices, trinkets, and other Grenadian goods. The ideal time to visit the Carenage would be from December to April when rain is minimal, so you can fully enjoy a day out in the Harbor when it’s sunny and warm.

Fort Frederick

Drop by Fort Frederick to see one of the most popular historical sites in Grenada. The fortress sits atop a mountain and was built in 1779 by the French. It was then used by the British after reclaiming Grenada from the French themselves. Visitors who climb up to the fort can have a birds-eye view of the island, particularly the picturesque Carenage and the ocean.

Visitors can also go down and explore the tunnels at the base if they want to. Just be sure to bring some light as the area has no lighting. If you’re going to stroll around the fortress without rain dampening your trip, then make sure to visit Fort Frederick from December to April, as these months are usually sunny and have relatively less rainfall.

Fort George

Built from 1706 to 1710, Fort George was built by the French and originally named Fort Royal; it was then changed into Fort George in honor of King George III after the British reclaimed Grenada. Currently, the fortress houses the Royal Grenada Police Force but has some open sections to the public.

Visitors can stroll around the viewing sections and take in the picturesque view of the island and the ocean. Canons along with specific landmarks are scattered around the fort, transporting guests back in time to early Grenada. If you want to drop by Fort George, make sure to visit during the dry seasons from December to April, so you can enjoy the spot when it isn’t pouring.

House of Chocolate

Aside from spices, Grenada is also known for its chocolate. The House of Chocolate is a place sweet tooth and chocolate lovers would surely love to visit, as it has all things related to chocolate in Grenada’s capital alone. So you don’t have to travel far just to visit a chocolate-themed destination. The House of Chocolate is a museum, café, and gift shop combined in one cozy space.

Guests can learn more about the history of cocoa in Grenada, as well as its production. Visitors can enjoy chocolate samples and more cocoa products from Grenada’s top chocolate makers that can be purchased from the gift shop. You can drop by the House of Chocolate every day from 10 am to 6 pm except on Sundays. So make sure to visit the museum to have a taste of authentic Grenadian chocolate.

Levera Beach

If you want a beach with fewer crowds and the same picturesque views, then Levera Beach would be for you. You can see Sugar Loaf Island offshore and the Grenadine islands far up north. The beach is very remote, and the roads leading to it are unpaved. However, the journey is worth it if you want to unwind and escape from the busy city. Security is present during the day, but it’s best to avoid visiting the beach at night.

Levera Beach, along with the mangrove swamps and a pond found nearby, are all part of Grenada’s national park system. So environmentalists and nature lovers will surely love this beach.

What makes the place even more remarkable is that it’s the usual nesting site for turtles. You can visit the beach anytime, particularly during the dry season from December to April. If you’ll be visiting from April to August, entry during the evenings may be very limited since it’s nesting season, so it’s generally closed off to foreign visitors. However, guests can stop by only if they’re part of an authorized tour.

Most Important Road Rules in Grenada

Before driving in Grenada, there are some things you must always be aware of to survive the roads of the island. Foreign visitors who come from countries with strict road rules might be taken aback by Grenada’s driving and road conditions. Make sure to read this guide to fully prepare yourself for what’s to come when you drive in Grenada.

Drive Defensively

Although Grenada is one of the Caribbean countries with fairly decent roads and drivers, road collisions are still unavoidable. The country has many narrow and winding streets, potholes, speed bumps, and other road hazards. Some drivers tend to over speed and drive recklessly. Thus, it’s always important to drive defensively.

Park Your Car in Appropriate Parking Areas

One of the perks of driving in Grenada is getting to experience their lax parking rules. Most of the parking areas are accessible, and many drivers can park their vehicles almost anywhere. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll break road rules and park in undesignated parking spaces. Breaking these rules might lead to fines, and you don’t want to cash out your money over something that could be avoided.

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