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Међународна возачка дозвола (ИДП), која је регулицана од стране УН-а, потврђује да сте власник важеће возачке дозволе у својој земљи порекла.

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How do I get an international driver's license in Georgia?

This is a question that many people have when they want to visit or move to the country from another country.

The process of getting an international driver's license/permit in Georgia is relatively straightforward. You must first obtain your Georgian driving license and then use your IDP as a supporting document to translate your valid home country driving license, whether or not your license is in English.

Can I drive in Georgia with international license?

There is no such thing as an International Driver’s License. The name of the official document being used is an International Driving Permit (IDP). It is a document which translates the National Driving License of tourist coming in from another foreign country.

The “Georgia” that we are providing an IDP for is in Europe and not the US State. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are non-US citizens or not.

You can get yours processed instantly from us by filling out the application form and attaching a copy of your National Driving License and your passport-sized photo.

How long can you drive in Georgia with a foreign license?

If you are only driving in the country for less than three months, you only need to have your IDP and your valid driving license from your home country.

Driving with a Georgia driver’s license is only applicable especially when you plan on staying and driving in the country for more than three months as an international student, someone employed out of country, or a resident of georgia.

The following are the requirements you need to pass the eligibility to have a Georgia license when planning to drive in the country for more than three months:

  • vision test
  • identification card
  • road test

What is the difference between an International Driver’s License and a Georgia' driver’s license?

An International Driver’s License does not exist, but an International Driving Permit does. As for a Georgia driver’s license, this is a driver’s license mostly processed or provided for eligible citizens in the country of Georgia in Europe as a valid id card to drive a motor vehicle in the country. And again, we are not talking about issuance of IDP nor driver’s license from the Georgia Department of Driver Services since that is from the US State of Georgia, not the country.

Is it valid in Georgia?

Yes, our IDP is recognized in the country. However, we offer a money-back guarantee should it not be acknowledged by the law enforcement officer. All you need to do is to contact our customer service center through email, live chat, or call, and present the proof through which they required.

Топ одредишта Грузија

Suppose you're interested in traveling to an almost forgotten land in the Greater Caucasus that has endured bravely among its mighty neighbors and where natural wonders and cultural diversity await you at every corner. In that case, you should read this article full of travel tips. The country isn't high on the tourist radar yet, but that's what makes it so special.

Today, this is the most visited country in the South Caucasus. Having gone from being a mystery among travelers to becoming the media's favorite in just a decade, it's obvious to understand why the country is loved by everyone. Its rich culture and exceptionally diverse landscape makes the country a perfect destination for everybody who has a great level of love for nature and history.


Tbilisi is the capital city and one of Georgia's top travel destinations! Tbilisi sits on the banks of the river Mtkvari and is surrounded by mountains and hills. Since the 6th century, it has been the capital of the country, and its varied architecture reflects its long and complicated history.

What makes this destination famous?

At some point, almost every tourist traveling to the country will visit Tbilisi, and the city will not disappoint, despite being so popular with the traveling crowd. There is a quaint old town on a scenic cliff-side in Tbilisi, which offers some spectacular views. It provides first-class dining choices, lively nightlife, ample quality lodging, and plenty of fantastic historical sites at a reasonable price.

The strategic location makes it an ideal base for day trips to explore the country's surrounding mountains, deserts, and wine regions. In reality, many Georgian tourists chose to book a Tbilisi hotel for their whole stay and take a separate day trip or regular tour.


Mtskheta is a village near Tbilisi and is known as the center of the Orthodox Church of Georgia. You'll see a number of stone cathedrals spread out across Mtskheta because of this. Jvari Monastery, a 6th-century complex perched on a mountain top not far from the center, is one of the highlights. It is one of the icons the early Orthodox church, one of the first nations that embraced Christianity.

What makes this destination famous?

The religious center, the spiritual center, and hence Georgia's most significant city, is Mtskheta. Its Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is an eye-catcher, down in the middle of Mtskheta. Initially designed in the 4th century, this UNESCO-listed church is a remarkable piece of architecture.


Although there are grapes in almost every household in the country and many families make their own wine, this country does have a special wine region called Kakheti. This region covers the whole of eastern Georgia, and Telavi, the epicenter of wineries and tasting opportunities, is its most popular place. There is evidence that the history of winemaking in the country stretches back over 8000 years, and some wineries still operate according to old methods. Taste the Qvevri wines, aged and fermented in large jars of earthenware with all the grape ingredients contained inside.

By going on a day tour or visiting locations such as Shumi Winery and Teliani Valley, learn more about this practice, wine in general, and enjoy a few glasses at one of the several wineries.

Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park is part of the mountain chain of the Caucasus, which Russia and Georgia share. This park is a feast for the eyes, with its lush valleys, nerve-wracking roads over mountain passes, and traditional fortified walls.

What makes this destination famous?

As in many other places, hiking is perhaps the best way of discovering this far north-eastern park. It is scenic and dangerous but worth traveling on the path winding through the Abano Pass. Don't hesitate to rest at the viewpoint of Torah Pass, where the rocky mountains and swinging paths show themselves.


Gori is located in central Georgia and is best known for the fact that Joseph Stalin, the Soviet tyrant, was born here in 1878. There is currently a museum devoted to Stalin in the region, which offers tourists a very one-sided view of the Soviet leader. Here in the exhibitions, his compassion and great leadership take center stage. It is still a fascinating location for lovers of history, though.

What makes this destination famous?

You'll find Uplistsikhe just outside Gori; an ancient rock city cut into a mountain around 1000 BC. In pre-Christian Georgia, it functioned as an important religious and political center, and you can stroll around the former wine cellars, homes, and carved temples even to this day.


Svaneti can seamlessly be presumed Georgia's outdoor capital; the peaks of the Caucasus are at their height here, and the epic scenery this area has can be seen by many hiking routes. Mestia and Ushguli are the most popular destinations here, with the latter preferred thanks to its stone towers and spectacular position between the mountains.

What makes this destination famous?

On giants like Mount Ushba (4710 meters), Mount Tetnuldi (4858 meters), and Mount Shkhara (5193 meters), serious mountaineers can climb their hearts out, while less trained travelers can choose from countless more straightforward treks. Svaneti becomes a winter sports center throughout the winter; snow at these altitudes is assured, and several ski and snowboard tracks are available.

Most Important Driving Rules

It is pretty easy to take a ride around the country. But first, make sure you have an International Driver's License in the country and be familiar with the Georgia law to enjoy your ride with your foreign driver’s license.

Traffic laws alone are unable to control every kind of driving circumstance that might happen. There are a few essential guidelines to be understood and followed by drivers. These safety precautions might help you prevent an accident, major injury, or death. These are just general statements, and in all cases, it does not control your actions.

General Rules and Safety

There are general rules and conditions set to ensure the safety of drivers as they drive on Georgian roads. Read on below about how these rules work.

  • The bus driver will activate the bright yellow lights when it is about to stop to unload or load students. Both vehicles entering the school bus should slow down and brake when these yellow warning lights are activated
  • When the bright lights have turned red, and the stop signs have expanded from the side of a bus, passing through the stopped school bus as it unloads or loads passengers is prohibited for every vehicle
  • Yield to all road maintenance vehicles and construction zone workers
  • Slow down and switch to the right side of the road if a police or ambulance vehicle is coming. Switch to the right-hand lane when you're on a multilane route, if necessary
  • It is not advisable to use your cell phone while driving. This ban applies to Internet data, email, instant messages
  • For you to drive in the country, you must know the Georgia law pertaining to international driver's license

Turns and Overtaking

When are you allowed to make a turn? Read on the conditions below to know when it can be considered legal.

  • It is allowed to make a right turn on red at an intersection regulated by a traffic management control light until a sign displayed at the intersection prevents doing the same
  • When a sign is displayed at the intersection, it is prohibited to make a left turn on the red from the left lane of the one-way route into the one-way route on which the traffic flows to the driver's left permissible

Right of Way

In Georgia, a road right of way is implemented to ensure secure and smooth flowing traffic. The following are the conditions regarding Georgia’s road right of way.

  • If you face a stop sign, but other traffic is not, you can continue only after yielding and stopping the right-of-way driving on a highway that intersects with another highway. When you're at the intersections or near it - it is risky to drive through the intersection to another pedestrian or vehicle
  • If two vehicles enter the intersection around the same time, the vehicle's driver on the left must switch to the driver of the car on the right at crossings in which there are no other traffic signals, yield signs, or stop signs
  • Both cars must give way to pedestrians at a four-way intersection where both drivers pose for stop signs, or else the vehicles must move ahead first to reach the intersection to continue to drive. If two cars arrive nearly at about the same time at the intersection, transfer to the vehicle on your right
  • If another car is about to take a left, and if you have a right-of-way, let the other driver pass through to avoid a collision
  • When you're doing a left turn at the intersection, give the right-of-way to all cars approaching from the other direction

Speed Limits

Some places can be designated with reduced maximum speed limits, such as building zones or school zones, so be mindful of the signage. Slower cars may take the right lane when there are two or more pathways for vehicles moving in the same direction, even when making a left turn or crossing. Minimum speed limits are imposed on several interstate routes and highways.

  • WITHIN CITY LIMITS: 25-45 mph

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