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Top Destinations in Slovakia

Slovakia may be a landlocked country within Central Europe, but it has many cultural attractions due to the centuries of various waves of migration by different cultures into the territory. The most notable tourist attractions are the buildings and homes of Slovakia since the country has been able to preserve its folk architecture. Although many magnificent churches and castles can be found throughout the country, some are more popular than others.


This is the capital of Slovakia, so naturally, most people care to visit Bratislava at least once. History buffs will love to visit Bratislava because Bratislava was also the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary centuries ago. This explains the significance of the location to Europeans in general and tourists in particular. At present, Bratislava is the heart of Slovakia in many ways, especially when it comes to Slovakian politics.

One tourist attraction you must visit is Bratislava Castle simply because it has been around for centuries yet is still functional. The government has taken great care to preserve Bratislava Castle since it is a major draw for tourists. Another important site is St. Martinā€™s Cathedral, which witnessed the coronation of 19 monarchs belonging to the Hungarian Kingdom for several centuries. This church has also seen its fair share of the reconstruction as well.

If you want to visit Bratislava, it is probably best to visit sometime between March and October. Fortunately for tourists, Bratislava is located in one of the warmest and driest regions of Slovakia. This means you have a good opportunity to visit the capital around that time due to favorable weather conditions. Tourists, in general, tend to visit in the summer, so you can decide whether to brave the crowds or visit when there are fewer tourists.

Driving Directions:

  • The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is just 16 minutes away from Bratislava Airport by car. To drive to Bratislava, you can pick up your rental vehicle from the airport. The total distance covered is 13.6 kilometers.
  • From the airport, drive your rental vehicle via E571/E58/E75 until you reach Bratislava.

Your IDP may be nearing its expiry date when you are making plans to visit Bratislava. If this is the case, no need to worry because you can always contact the International Driver's Permit Slovakia department called IDA customer service at their international driver's license Slovakia website to apply for a new International Driver's Permit in Slovakia today.

You just need to submit your name and the IDP number along with the International Driver's Permit Slovakia form to the international driver's license Slovakia contact number of IDA customer service. IDA can then ship your new IDP to your International Driver's Permit to your zip code in Slovakia after paying for it.


Tourists who have some health issues may find it worth their while to visit Trencin and its nearby spa town Trencianske Teplice to immerse in mineral waters that are said to have healing properties. If youā€™d rather wander around Trencin Castle, you may want to check out the view of the Old Town from within the towering castle walls. You should also look carefully for the rock inscription beneath the castle as proof of the earliest sign of Roman presence in the northern region of Slovakia.

It is ideal for visiting Trencin sometime between June to September since that is when the warm season allows for long walks and photo ops with your companions. You may also visit in winter but be forewarned that it can be quite cold in Trencin at that time. The warmest time of the year is from July to August, which is great because the skies are mostly clear blue and some days a bit cloudy.

Driving Directions:

  • It is possible to drive from Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) to Trencin. The distance between these two locations is 128 kilometers. You can expect travel time by car to be approximately one hour and 17 minutes.

You can expect to come across regional border inspections since Slovakia has eight major regions. Bratislava and Trencin are in two separate regions. Driving is still the fastest way to get from Bratislava to Trencin nowadays. It makes sense to rent a vehicle for this.

Suppose you choose to drive using a rental vehicle. In that case, you may need an International Driver's Permit in Slovakia today to complement your other travel documents, such as your valid driverā€™s license and passport. You may visit the correct international drivers permit Slovakia department of the International Drivers Association through their international driver's license Slovakia contact number and apply for a new IDP. Be sure to specify an International Driver's Permit Slovakia zip code to make it easier.

Take note that you have to specify a certain duration for your IDPā€™s effectivity, namely, one, two, or three years in your International Driver's Permit Slovakia form. The IDA customer service handling your international driverā€™s license for Slovakia online will ship your international driverā€™s license in Slovakia to your zip code. It is beneficial to carry an international driverā€™s license in Slovakia in English because you will be able to understand which data Slovak authorities request, such as your International Driver's Permit address in Slovakia.

Strbske Pleso

This is a village located high above sea level within the High Tatras mountain range of Slovakia. This village is perfectly situated beside Lake Strbske Pleso and is a popular hub for winter sports for tourists and locals. You can take your pick between cross country skiing, ski touring, or simply just skiing when you get there. You may also hike around the lake if you are up to it.

The Strbske Pleso village can be reached easily if you are driving and has a conveniently-located car park where you can leave your rental vehicle. If you like, you can take beautiful photos of the Tatra Mountains standing tall and proud behind the lake. Although many tourists will flock here in winter, you can visit any time of the year. The lake looks wonderful even when it isnā€™t winter.

Since you can visit the Strbske Pleso village any time of the year, it is advisable to go when tourists have not deluged the lake area. That way, you can get the right lodgings in the ā€œoff-season.ā€ But you donā€™t have to be afraid of running out of lodgings since there are many hotels surrounding the lake. There are also some restaurants and coffee shops in the area, which is great if you get hungry from driving.

Driving Directions:

You can drive from Bratislava to Strbske Pleso easily since the two locations are just 326.4 kilometers apart. It takes 3 hours and 33 minutes to drive from Bratislava. There is a car park in Strbske Pleso, so you may leave your rental vehicle there before going hiking.

Since you can drive straight to the village from a city in Slovakia with an International Driver's Permit, it is always a good idea to keep your IDP, valid driverā€™s license, and updated passport with you at all times. Your International Driver's Permit in Slovakia should have your address, making it quite useful.

The IDP is translated into 12 commonly-used languages, making it easier for you to conduct transactions in a city in Slovakia with an International Driver's Permit. You also need to have that international driverā€™s license in Slovakia in English if you donā€™t speak Slovak.

The Spis Castle

If youā€™re into history or architecture, then you should not miss the chance to walk into the SpiÅ” Castle. This structure is one of the biggest of its kind within Europe and possibly the most enduring since the inhabitants were never conquered. There are few castles of its kind left. It is presently part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is also why it is famous among Slovakian tourists.

Tourists are allowed to visit the castle, with some areas open for entry by the public. You can go into the aged watchtower by one of the original staircases set in place by former inhabitants centuries ago. Once you reach the top of the watchtower, you will find a wonderful view of the surrounding areas, including the nearby Spisske Podhradie village.

You can visit Spis Castle starting from April up to the end of October. If the weather permits, tourists can also venture to the castle in November. Tourists are charged 8 euros per adult visitor. Some guided tours are done here, but if you prefer to get an audio guide instead, be ready with 10 euros as a deposit for the gadget. There is also a car park for your rented vehicle but check if they charge a fee.

Driving Directions:

You can drive from Bratislava to Spis Castle for 3 hours and 53 minutes since the two locations are 374.6 kilometers apart. You may be wondering about any requirements regarding the issuance of your IDP after youā€™ve arrived in Slovakia. The most basic requirement is that you own a valid driverā€™s license from your home country.

You also have to pay for the IDP, so be ready with your credit card information. You donā€™t have to leave your Slovakia residence just to process your IDP. All transactions are now done on the international driver's license Slovakia website. Just give a valid Slovakia zip code to facilitate delivery.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Slovakia

You may be wondering, ā€œDo I need an international driver's license in Slovakia?ā€ The answer is: yes, you will need an international driverā€™s license to venture into and drive around Slovakia. If you are a resident of a European Union country, the driverā€™s license issued to you from that country will suffice as an international driverā€™s license. There are other driving rules you need to follow in Slovakia as well, such as having the right International Driver's Permit requirements in Slovakia, just in case.

Always have the right ID and International Driving Permit in Slovakia with you

One reason some people ask, ā€œDo I need an international driver's license in Slovakia?ā€ is that they think the IDP is sufficient identification already. For clarification, your IDP is not the same as an international driverā€™s license. Your IDP is simply based on the data printed on your valid driverā€™s license from your home country. The IDP booklet translates this data into 12 dominant languages so that Slovakian authorities will understand the data and let you pass.

You can apply for an international driver's license for Slovakia online from IDA. Processing your International Driver's Permit in Slovakia online will make it easier for you to rent a car and drive around Slovakia. You may still use your IDP if you are going to be venturing outside Slovakian borders since you will probably encounter regional and national border restrictions. You donā€™t have to take an exam for an International Driver's Permit in Slovakia.

Never drink and drive despite carrying an International Driving Permit in Slovakia

It is important to remember that there is no permissible alcohol level in your blood if you will be driving. Slovak authorities, such as the police, are allowed to arrest anyone who has a blood-alcohol level above 0% who happens to be driving. If police suspect you have been drinking, they will administer a breathalyzer test. You might be arrested if you do drink and drive and spend time in jail.

It is equally important to submit your IDP to the officer that flagged you down. If you happen to lack an IDP for now, make sure to visit the International Driver's Permit for Slovakia website right away and seek out customer service assistance. Take note of the few International Driver's Permit requirements in Slovakia so that your IDP will be processed right away. If you have any problems, bring these up with the IDA customer service immediately. This way, you will be able to submit a valid International Driver's Permit to Slovakia government officials such as the police.

Drive on the correct side of the road

You should always drive on the right-hand side of the road in Slovakia. This is one of the more important rules of driving in this country. If you happen to be used to driving on the left-hand side of the road in other countries, donā€™t drive fast yet. Let yourself get used to Slovak right-hand driving first. Refrain from overtaking until you are familiar with this very important rule.

If you do get into an accident because youā€™re not familiar with left-hand driving, it will be useful to have the international driverā€™s license telephone number in Slovakia. You could call the police and a towing vehicle if your rental vehicle was damaged in the accident. If you were injured, it makes sense to give your international driverā€™s license number in Slovakia to the police as well, as additional identification for an International Driver's Permit for Slovakia government officials.

Always wear your seatbelt

The rule for wearing a seatbelt is that both the driver and the passengers should fasten their seatbelts. This can help eliminate the risk of being hurt badly in case of a collision. This applies to adults and children who are the right age, weight, and height for wearing seatbelts. The driver and passengers should use seatbelts even if the vehicle has airbags for protection.

One reason you should bring along international driverā€™s license requirements in Slovakia is to facilitate the process of renting the right vehicle. You can inform the car rental agency about your International Driver's Permit in Slovakia online too. Most car rental companies in the country will need to see your valid identification, such as your International Driver's Permit Slovakia number, to process the car rental. Having the right international driverā€™s license requirements in Slovakia means you may be able to rent a better and larger vehicle for safetyā€™s sake.

A driving journey in Slovakia is an unforgettable experience you should not miss. Donā€™t miss out on the fascinating folk architecture in the country by obtaining all the requirements and planning your trip thoroughly. Get an IDP for Slovakia from the International Drivers Association for a quick and hassle-free application.

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