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IDP is essential when driving abroad

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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Driving Tips in United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Explore the UK through the convenience of driving your own car. Be sure to familiarize yourself with some traffic rules to ensure the maximum experience.

Important Reminders:

  • Drive on the left side of the road.
  • The minimum age to drive a car is 17 years old.
  • Seat belt is a must.
  • Child-restraint is a must.
  • Hands-free is a must. Keep your phones away unless they are hands-free.
  • Speed limit is 30 m/hr on urban areas and 70 m/hr on highways.
  • Slow down in hospital and school zones.
  • Give way to police cars, ambulance, fire trucks and any other emergency vehicles.
  • Horns are not allowed in residential areas from 11:30 pm to 7:00 am.

Apply Online for international driving license in UK

You can apply for an international driving UK licence from your home country. In the UK, you can apply for an IDP in a post office. If you want to skip the long queues, you can get an IDP from issuing organizations like the International Drivers Association. You only need to fill in the necessary details on the application form, submit the requirements, and pay the fees.

Can I use international driving license to drive in UK?

Yes, you can use an international driving license in the UK for up to 12 months. Don't forget to bring your domestic driver's license with you while driving in the UK to avoid penalties and fines. Your international driving license is not valid without your original driver's license.

Do I need an international drivers license in UK?

License holders from European Union countries don't need an international drivers license in the UK as long as their driving licenses are still valid. Other licence holders can benefit from having an international drivers license when renting a car in the country.

How long is an international driving licence valid?

An international driving licence can be valid for one to three years from the date it is issued, depending on the type of IDP you purchase. An IDP with one year validity is ideal for casual tourists, while the three-year validity is best for travelers who frequently go on trips for work.

What is the difference between international driving licenses and UK driving licences?

International driving licenses are translated documents so you can drive confidently and rent a car in a foreign country. An international driving license can be issued from your home country or from issuing organizations. It is not considered as a valid identification without your driving licence. On the other hand, UK driving licenses are issued by the DVLA and are valid form of identification.

How long does it take for international driving license to be issued?

A digital international driving license can be issued on the same day you apply once your application is approved. The booklet and ID card will be shipped and delivered in 7 days within the US. It can take up to 30 days to get your physical IDP delivered if you live outside the US.

Can I drive my car in Europe after Brexit?

UK drivers can still use their driving licenses to drive in Europe after Brexit. But, if you only have a UK paper license, you are required to get an IDP to drive in Europe.

International Driving License United Kingdom

Most Important Driving Rules

In the United Kingdom, driving is very simple. You will be perfectly fine if you pay attention to the road signs and keep an eye out for the frequent pedestrian and cyclist. The most difficult challenge for any foreigner is adapting to the fact that they drive on the left side of the lane, even though 65 percent of countries drive on the right.

Drunk driving is Against The Law

Alcohol changes the body’s reactions, making driving risky, so be careful with your actions. This will put you in danger of being involved in an accident. The easiest and safest advice is to absolutely avoid alcohol while using the International Drivers License in the United Kingdom address. Try to visit our International Drivers Permit United Kingdom website page to check the uses of International Drivers Permit United Kingdom in the region.

If the police decide to examine if you are over the drink-drive limit, they will conduct a roadside screening breath test. They are going to use a breathalyzer to do this with International Drivers Permit United Kingdom District.

You will be brought to a police station if you fail this test and need to put two more breath samples into a complicated breathalyzer. Furthermore, anyone found over the legal alcohol limit while driving can be disqualified from driving and face an additional charge. You could also face a six-month jail term. And during your travel, you must also be familiar with the International Drivers Permit United Kingdom address, for further details you could spare some time visiting the International Drivers Permit United Kingdom branches near you.

Speeding is Prohibited

The maximum speed allowed in towns and cities is 30 mph. Near campuses, this can drop to 20 mph. You can drive on a single carriageway at 60 mph, a path split in the middle with traffic in opposite directions, and on motorways at 70 mph.

You will be charged a minimum of £100 and have three penalty points on your license if you are found driving over the speed limit. When you get 12 points over three years, you may be disqualified.


The feasibility of parking can vary depending on where in the UK you are traveling. For instance, parking can be hard to understand in central London. Keep in mind that there are many guidelines to follow, especially when it comes to where you can park and how long you can park there. To stop any unexpected fines on your travels, make sure to read all parking signs carefully and pay any parking fees.

Parking is easy and effective for country driving, and rules and regulations are not as severe. If you’re in a town, you still have to follow them, but it’ll be less crowded and easy to find a spot. When renting a car in London, we suggest that you park out of town a little bit and take the tube into the city center to avoid congestion. In London, the public transport system is incredible and certainly worth taking advantage of when you’re here.

Eligibility to Drive

You may request a provisional license at the age of 15 years and 9 months. However, in the UK and Northern Ireland, you must be 16 years old to ride a motorbike or light quad bike and 17 years old to drive a car on a public lane. You have to wait until you’re 17 years old before scheduling a practical driving test and theory test. You can drive with L-plates on all roads except highways if you have a provisional license and are at least 18 years old.

Learners must be accompanied by a teacher or other eligible driver who must be at least 21 years of age and have owned a full license for a minimum of three years. If you’re practicing in your car or with a family member or friend, you’ll need insurance as well.

Other Important rules

Before you start your road trip, please make sure you understand and comply with all the rules and regulations while driving in the UK. Being alert and keeping aware of road risks and hazards is important. Furthermore, it is often beneficial to be prepared. In the event of an emergency, you should have a first-aid bag, a road map, an alarm triangle, fire extinguishers, spare light bulbs, and reflective clothing with you.

Before you leave, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with your hire car and its controls. Other important rules you need to remember are the following:

Vehicles on the Roundabout are Prioritized

Vehicles currently on the roundabout have priority over those that join it, coming from your right. You must wait until a safe opening appears for you to reach the roundabout. Join the outside lane if you want to leave the roundabout on the first exit. Enter the inside lane if you want to leave the roundabout on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th exit.

Pedestrians Crossings Are Prioritized

Pelican crossings in the Great Britain are often referred to as zebra crossings, and the main rule is that crossing is a priority for the pedestrian. You should slow down when approaching and be observant of whether any would cross. An individual with a large stop sign would stand in the middle of the road near schools to assist children in crossing the road safely.

International Driving Permit United Kingdom

Car Insurance

Car insurance is important when driving in a foreign country to ensure you don't incur unwanted costs in case of emergencies. If you're renting a car to drive in the UK, you don't have to worry about getting it insured. However, if you're driving your own car, make sure you have car insurance.

Top Destinations of the United Kingdom

England is the most popular destination to explore, providing almost unlimited options for tourists looking for fun things to do and top attractions to enjoy. This small but powerful region, which is part of the beautiful British Isles, is full of exciting cities, rich cultural traditions, and fascinating history. Historic sites vary, ranging from ancient Roman sites to centuries-old castles, Middle Ages town centers, and prehistoric megaliths.

It's also very easy to get everywhere in England, with buses and trains linking the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Alternatively, you can use the best motorways system to move between places of interest while driving in the UK.

Whether it’s your first trip to England or you’re a seasoned traveler, you’ll find beautiful places to visit in England that you’ll adore. So if you need your International Driving Permit immediately, make sure you provide your zip code in your application form on the International Drivers Association website to avoid shipment delays. Take a glance at some of England’s most popular tourist destinations. Enjoy these spots with your International Driving Permit.

The British Museum

The British Museum houses more than 13 million objects from Europe, China, the Roman Empire, Greece, Egypt, Assyria, and Babylonia, including collections of antiquities among the world’s finest. The well-known Rosetta Stone and the most famous ancient objects are the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens.

Going back, the Ancient Egyptian collection is the greatest outside of Cairo, while a hoard of Roman silver from the fourth century found in Suffolk in 1942 is also found.

Driving Directions:

  • From Heathrow Airport 90 m Keep right onto Tunnel Road.
  • Take the second exit onto M4.
  • Continue and merge onto M4.
  • Then exit onto A4.
  • Continue onto Cedars Road.
  • Take the second exit onto Great West Road.
  • Turn right onto Knightsbridge.
  • Keep left onto Knightsbridge.
  • Take a left onto Piccadilly.
  • Continue onto Shaftesbury Ave.
  • Then turn left onto Charing Cross Road.
  • Continue and turn right onto Great Russell St., the destination is on your left: The British Museum.

York Minster and Historic Yorkshire

In the Church of England, the majestic York Minster is also significant. It is surrounded by half-timbered houses and shops, ancient guildhalls, and churches in the heart of York’s historic district. On the other hand, York’s romantic streets are surrounded by three miles of impressive town walls, which you can stroll atop for breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding countryside.

York is a good starting point for exploring northeast England. The North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales are known for their rugged beauty. Some of England’s most stunning historic towns and cities can be found in this part of the world, including Durham, which is renowned for its cathedral and castle, and Beverley, which has an impressive minster.

Driving Directions:

  • From Leeds Bradford Airport, turn left onto Whitehouse Lane.
  • Take the third exit onto Harrogate Road.
  • Then take the second exit onto John Metcalf Way.
  • Continue and take the second exit onto A658.
  • Take the second exit onto A658.
  • Then take the second exit onto York Road.
  • At the roundabout, take the first exit onto A59.
  • Then at the roundabout, the second exit onto A59.
  • Bear left onto A1237.
  • Take the first exit onto A1237.
  • Continue and take the second exit onto A1237.
  • Then take the third exit onto Wigginton Road.
  • Turn right onto Clarence St.
  • Continue and turn left onto Lord Mayor’s Walk.
  • Then turn right onto Goodramgate.
  • Continue and turn right onto Ogleforth.
  • Turn left onto Chapter House St.; the destination is on your left.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is England’s most visited destination outside of London and is one of the best places to visit in England for families. But the attraction of the zoo goes beyond animal lovers as it boasts award-winning landscaped gardens, too.

At Chester Zoo, there are many other fun activities to do, so plan to spend a day experiencing this top-rated tourist attraction. Chester Cathedral is also worth exploring.

Driving Directions:

  • From Liverpool Airport 100 m Turn right onto Dunlop Road.
  • Turn left onto Western Ave.
  • Then take the second exit onto Western Ave.
  • Turn right onto Speke Blvd.
  • Continue and merge onto A561.
  • Then continue onto A562.
  • Continue onto A533.
  • Keep left for A533.
  • Then continue onto A557.
  • Take the first exit for M56.
  • Continue and take exit 15 for M53.
  • Then take exit ten onto A5117.
  • Take the first exit onto Shotwick-Frodsham Road.
  • Turn left onto Little Stanney Lane.
  • Then turn right onto Wervin Road.
  • Turn right into the car park; the destination is on your left.

National Park

The Lake District National Park, which covers 900 square miles, is a must-see for tourists to England. On another note, you can visit the park’s various falls, including Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak.

Be sure to spend time exploring some lovely little villages and cities, such as Grasmere, scattered throughout the area. Even better, take a tour boat trip across Lake Windermere and Ullswater, and you’ll be rewarded with the finest scenery in the world.

Driving Directions:

  • From Carlisle Lake District Airport, turn right.
  • Turn left onto A689.
  • Continue and turn right.
  • Then turn left onto Little Corby Road.
  • Continue onto A69.
  • Take the first exit for M6.
  • Then take the exit onto A66.
  • Keep right onto A66.
  • Then take the fourth exit onto A66.
  • Take the second exit onto A592.
  • Bear right onto A592.
  • Turn right onto Greenside Road, arrive at Lake District National Park.

Eden Project

The amazing Eden Project is a series of distinctive artificial biomes featuring a wonderful collection of plants from all over the world. This stunning botanical gardens complex is situated in a reclaimed quarry in Cornwall, consisting of large domes that look much like huge igloo-shaped greenhouses. Many plant species in the Mediterranean and tropical ecosystems are housed in each of these majestic structures.

In addition to these impressive plant life exhibits, the Eden Project hosts several year-round art and music activities.

Driving Directions:

  • From Cornwall Airport Newquay, turn right onto New Road.
  • Turn left onto Carnation Road.
  • Take the third exit towards Tregatillian.
  • Then turn right onto Edgcumbe Road.
  • Continue and turn right onto Edgcumbe Road.
  • Then take the second exit onto A391.
  • Take the first exit onto B3374.
  • Turn right.
  • Then turn left.
  • Take the first exit.
  • Then turn right.
  • Continue and turn right; the destination is on your left.

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