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Traveling to Italy widens your cultural and historical perspective and transforms you in the best way possible as you mindlessly explore the gems in the country. From historic buildings and dainty coffee shops to the tranquil countryside and gorgeous beaches, Italy will surely spark passion and romance within you. Travel to the top destinations and set your heart free like you’re the main character of a Hollywood film.


Do I need an international Italian drivers license?

Many people ask: Do I need an international driver's license in Italy? Yes, as the international driving licence is required by the law in Italy and you should obtain it if you plan to rent a car or drive your own. That is also the answer for the second most common question: Can I rent a car in Italy with a US driver's license? Driving in Italy with English/ US license is not possible without international driving permit.

Renting a car and driving, are things that are easy to achieve for Americans and other tourists with international drivers license. You can easily and quickly obtain the international license by applying online.  Pick yours and enjoy this beautiful country!

Top Destinations in Italy



When planning your itinerary, the most important thing is choosing a tourist destination that will set the mood of your entire trip. What’s the best way to start your trip? It’s visiting the massive Colosseum, of course. Built by the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was once the venue for public spectacles to address the public’s hunger for entertainment. The Colosseum is the most massive surviving structure built in ancient Rome, standing amid modern infrastructures.

You can either take a self-managed tour or join guided tours when visiting the Colosseum. Joining a guided tour provides a more meaningful experience as you learn the turbulent history and hear never-before-heard details of the majestic structure. Some areas are restricted unless you join a tour with access to these areas. The best time to visit the site is as soon as it opens at 8:30 AM and 1-2 hours before closing.


  • Head northwest toward Piazza Della Repubblica.
  • Exit the roundabout onto Via delle Terme di Diocleziano.
  • Take Via Cavour and Via degli Annibaldi to Piazza del Colosseo.
  • Follow Piazza del Colosseo and Via Celio Vibenna to Via di San Gregorio.


The country is known for its fascinating architecture, history, food, and art, so it’s no surprise to find impressive architecture throughout the country that’s been built centuries ago. The Pantheon is proof of the suRoman Empire’s superb architectural achievements, with its precise proportions of equal height and diameter. It’s also known as the burial ground of Italian kings and Italian historical figures, including Raphael and Perin del Vaga.

Since the Renaissance, the Pantheon has been used as a burial ground of important figures. Brace yourself for a sudden rush of ideas and inspiration as soon as you step inside the Pantheon as your eyes mindlessly wander on the frescoes, paintings, and stucco reliefs adorning the wall of the building. The best time to visit the place is on weekdays around 9 AM to 11 AM when the site has few visitors.


  • From the Colosseum, head south on Via di San Gregorio and turn right onto Via dei Cerchi. Then, continue onto Piazza della Bocca della Verità.
  • Continue onto Via Luigi Petrocelli.
  • Continue onto Via del Teatro di Marcello. Turn slight right onto Piazza di S. Marco.
  • Then, turn right onto Piazza Venezia. Slight left to stay on Piazza Venezia.
  • Continue onto Via del Plebiscito.
  • Continue onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.
  • Turn right onto Via di Torre Argentina.
  • Continue onto Via Della Rotonda.

Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore

Travel to the birthplace of the great Leonardo da Vinci, Florence, which has its fair share of fascinating tourist attractions, the most popular of which is the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore. Built between the 13th and 15th centuries, the cathedral is a magnificent work of art standing at more than 152 meters long. Besides its intricately designed exterior, the cathedral is famous for the spectacular Brunelleschi dome visible at any point in Florence.

The most magnificent view of the Tuscan hills can be seen from the top of the dome by climbing the stairs with 463 steps. Like most churches in the country, several frescoes, paintings, and sculptures adorn the cathedral’s interior. You’ll find stairs leading down the crypt of the old Santa Reparata church from the cathedral porch where Brunelleschi’s tomb and a small museum can be found. The best time to visit the cathedral is in the morning and 1-2 hours before it closes.


  • From Rome, get on A1dir/E35 from Via Salaria. Continue on A1/E35 to Firenze.
  • Use the left two lanes to continue onto A1/E35/E45 toward Firenze.
  • Continue to follow A1/E35.
  • Take exit Firenze Sud toward Firenze Sud. Continue onto SP127.
  • Continue onto Via Giovanni Agnelli.
  • Continue onto Via Marco Polo.
  • Continue on SS67. Take Via Aretina, Via Mannelli, Via Masaccio, V.le Giovanni Milton, ... and Via Nazionale to Via de' Cerretani.

Located in Florence, Uffizi Gallery is a paradise for Renaissance art enthusiasts. During the Renaissance period, Florentine artists seek patronage from wealthy families, including the Medici family, as their livelihood means. The Medici were patrons of several artists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, collecting many artworks for centuries. Thus, the Uffizi Gallery was established.

The museum is an excellent source of inspiration not only for artists but for everyone visiting the museum. Here you’ll find the commissioned paintings of the Medici, including Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Annunciation, and Michelangelo’s The Holy Family. Aside from Renaissance paintings, you’ll also find stunning sculptures in the museum. The best time to visit Uffizi Gallery is in the morning to skip the long queue.


  • From Florence, Take Via della Scala, SS67, Lungarno del Pignone, Via del Sansovino, and Viale Etruria to SGC Firenze - Pisa - Livorno.
  • Continue on SGC Firenze - Pisa - Livorno to Pisa. Take the SS1 exit from Superstrada Firenze Pisa Livorno.
  • Continue on Via Aurelia. Take Lungarno Giacomo Leopardi, Lungarno Ranieri Simonelli and Via Roma to Via Don Gaetano Boschi in Pisa.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Your tour will not be complete without visiting the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa, also called La Torre Pendente. With near perfect architecture and design of ancient structures, the Leaning Tower of Pisa stood out from the rest because of its flaw. The tower was built in the 1800s and started leaning during the third story’s construction, where the ground was too soft to support the building’s weight.

Aside from being a quirky photo opportunity, the Leaning Tower of Pisa attracts tourists from all over the world to see the city’s breathtaking view by climbing the tower’s stairs. Located in Piazza Dei Miracoli, the tower is surrounded by the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and a baptistery. The best time to visit the tower is in the morning before large crowds flock to the tower or late afternoon.


  • From Rome, get on A1dir/E35 from Via Salaria.
  • Continue on A1/E35. Drive from SGC Firenze - Pisa - Livorno to Pisa. Take the SS1 exit from Superstrada Firenze Pisa Livorno.
  • Continue on Via Aurelia. Take Lungarno Giacomo Leopardi, Lungarno Ranieri Simonelli and Via Roma to Via Don Gaetano Boschi in Pisa.

Cinque Terre

Aside from magnificent churches and impressive architecture, the country boasts its beautiful coastal towns as well. Visiting the coastal region of Cinque Terre provides a relaxing and memorable experience as you hike between the five villages. What makes Cinque Terre alluring to tourists is its unique and quiet charm you’ll never find in big cities, where enjoying a gelato with your loved ones or friends is enough as you trudge the streets of the villages.

Several peaceful activities await you in this coastal region, varying in each town. Monterosso al Mare is a perfect destination for a quick dip in the beach, while romantic walks and picturesque scenery await you in Vernazza. For a cozy afternoon date, dine in one of the restaurants in Riomaggiore. Wishing for a perfect photo opportunity? Head to Corniglia and Manarola to take breathtaking photos of the photographic scenery. The best time to visit Cinque Terre is in September and October when the weather is cooler.


  • From Pisa, Get on A12/E80 in Vecchiano from Via Pietrasantina and Via Aurelia.
  • Follow A12/E80 to SP566dir in Carrodano. Take the exit toward Carrodano/Levanto from A12/E80.
  • Continue on SP566dir. Take Località Albero d'Oro to SP38 in Monterosso al Mare.

Amalfi Coast

Heading to southern Italy, drive along the Amalfi Drive, running along the 48-kilometer coastline of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its photogenic multi-colored houses stacked against the hillside and the idyllic towns perfect for spontaneous road trips. The Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage, offers several historical sites and churches for day tours.

Besides historical sites, the region is also famous for the unrivaled beaches where summer festivals and concerts are held at Villa Rufolo. Walking in Villa Cimbrone Gardens is the perfect activity for a cozy date while overlooking the Amalfi Coast. If you’re down for an adventure, you can hike the trail through the Vallone del Ferriere, leading to a protected nature reserve. The best time to visit Amalfi Coast is between April and October.


  • From Naples, head north on Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi toward Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi.
  • Turn right onto Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi and continue onto Corso Arnaldo Lucci.
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Via Galileo Ferraris. Then, turn left onto the ramp to A3.
  • Follow A3 to Angri. Take exit Angri from A3.
  • Follow SP2b, SP1, and SS373 to your destination in Amalfi. It takes an hour and a half to reach Amalfi.


Aside from Amalfi Coast, it’s worth driving in Southern Italy to visit the Isle of Capri, where the Blue Grotto is located. If you’re dreaming of a tropical adventure, you don’t need to look further as Capri brings you a fun experience on this rocky island embraced by pines and tropical plants. Capri’s most popular activity is the boat tour around the island and inside the Blue Grotto Cave.

You can also hike Monte Solero for the jaw-dropping, overlooking view of the whole island. Not only is the island a perfect day trip destination, but it also attracts several tourists for its vibrant nightlife. Dance the night away and enjoy a few drinks with your friends, leaving all inhibitions aside. It’s also the perfect time to mingle with the locals and other tourists. The best time to visit Capri is from the beginning of April to mid-June.


  • From Naples, Take Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi and Via Nuova Marina to Piazzale Molo Carlo Pisacane.
  • Continue on Piazzale Molo Carlo Pisacane to Capri - Napoli.
  • Take the Capri - Napoli ferry.
  • Follow Via Don Giobbe Ruocco and Via Marina Grande to Via Roma.
  • At the roundabout, continue straight onto Via Roma.


The ancient city of Pompeii attracts thousands of tourists because of its tragic past, ruined by a massive earthquake and a destructive eruption of the majestic Mount Vesuvius. Since the eruption, the once lively and vibrant Roman city has become abandoned and turned into a tourist attraction. The place has been excavated since the 18th century, where some archaeological artifacts are found and stored in a museum.

The best way to get a glimpse of ancient Roman life is by visiting this fascinating, abandoned city. The 3-kilometer excavated area reveals some houses, shops, and public places. Visiting the site is like being transported back in time as you tour around the amphitheater, the Stabian Baths, the House of Menander, and the House of Vettii. The best time to visit Pompeii is in spring or fall. Visiting the excavation in summer is not recommended.


  • From Naples, get on A3 from Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi and Via Galileo Ferraris.
  • Follow A3 to SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore/SR18 in Pompei. Take exit Pompei Ovest from A3.
  • Turn left onto SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore/SR18.
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Via Plinio.
  • Continue onto Via Roma. It will take approximately 22 minutes to reach Pompeii.

Driving your own car in is allowed, but you need to equip your vehicle with a reflective vest and warning triangle. A GB sticker is also required for foreign-registered vehicles.


Venice Canals

What’s more romantic than cruising the Venice canals as pink and orange hues spread across the city as the sun slowly bids goodbye? Venice is famous for the gondola rides on the canals, even featured in countless films. The canals have been the main streets in the city linked by narrow passageways. The most famous and most visited of the waterways is the Grand Canal that can be accessed by a Vaporetto.

Cruising the Grand Canal in a Vaporetto is the ideal option than a gondola ride to get a better view of the buildings lining the route. Larger vessels will only block your view if you opt for a gondola ride, spoiling the romantic mood. As you cruise the Grand Canal, you’ll see important buildings in the city, including Palazzo Grassi, Ponte de Rialto, and Santa Maria Della Salute. The best time to take a boat tour and sightseeing is mid-spring when the weather is considerably warmer.


  • From Florence, Take Via della Scala, SS67, Lungarno del Pignone, Via del Sansovino, and Viale Etruria to SGC Firenze - Pisa - Livorno.
  • Take E35, A1 var - Variante di Valico, A1/E35 and A13 to Via della Libertà in Venezia. Take the SS309 exit from Tangenziale di Mestre/A57.
  • Follow Via Della Libertà to your destination.

Most Important Laws And Rules of Driving in Italy

Before you travel and hit the roads, you must know the driving rules, so you don’t get pulled over by the police for a violation. Read the driving laws below, and enjoy your Italian road trip:

Carry your Italian drivers license at all times.

Always bring all requirements for driving at all times, or you’ll face severe consequences if caught without them. It includes your valid driver's license, passport, and an International Driver's Permit. You don't need to take a theory test to get an IDP. Although an IDP is required in the country, it doesn’t replace your native driver's permit and is not a valid replacement for it. You can still get charged for unlicensed driving if you only present an IDP.

An IDP is only valid for six months. If you’re staying beyond six months, you need to obtain an Italian driver's permit to drive in Italy. You can get a free replacement from the IDA and only pay for the shipping costs in case of loss. You only need to provide your IDP number, name, shipping address, and zip code to get your International Driver's License. Tourists who have a learner's permit are not allowed to apply for an IDP.

Turn on your headlights even in the daytime.

It’s mandatory to turn on your headlights even in the daytime to be more visible on the road for safe driving. The use of DRL can decrease the number of daytime accidents by 11%. Newer cars have DRLs readily installed that automatically switch on, but for vehicles without DRLs, you need to turn on your headlights manually.

Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol.

Drink driving is strictly prohibited. Italians limit for blood alcohol s only 0.5 mg , considerably lower than in other European countries. There must be zero blood alcohol in your body for professional drivers and drivers with under three years of experience. If caught under the influence of alcohol, you will face severe penalties, including hefty fines, vehicle confiscation, or, worse, imprisonment.

Drive on the right side of the road.

Like most countries, Italians drive on the right side of the road with the steering wheel on the left. Since driving is on the right side, the steering wheel is positioned on the left side to see the passing vehicles. You'll find the steering wheel position comfortable if you're from the United States. Still, don't fret if this is new to you. You can get used to driving on the right side after a few tries.

Obey the speed limit.

Just like in any other countries, like the United States, obeying the speed limits is strictly observed while in Italy. When driving, you’ll notice speed cameras on highways and minor roads to monitor your speed limit. You can get fined €40 to €4,000 if you’re caught driving above the speed limit, depending on the excess speed limit you’re caught on. Fines increase by 30% if the crime is committed between 10 PM to 7 AM. You’ll find speed limit signs when driving.

Always bring all compulsory equipment.

When driving your own car, your vehicle must be equipped with a warning triangle and a reflective vest. Rental vehicles are already equipped with all compulsory equipment, so you don’t need to go through the trouble of purchasing the equipment. You are also obliged to bring snow chains when driving in winter. You’ll find road signs when driving, indicating when and where you need them.

Legal driving age is 18. All car drivers should be at least 18 years of age. On the other hand, young people who are at least 14 years old can drive scooters and mini-cars. Young people can apply for a learner's license (foglio rosa) at the nearest Provincial Office of Motor Vehicles (Ufficio Motorizzazione Civile)

Exchange for an Italian driver’s license

If you're from any EU country and planning to stay in Italy for a longer period, you can exchange your driver's license to an Italian driving license. You don't need to go to a driving school and take a driving exam to exchange your driver's licence. If you're bringing your own car, make sure it passed the road test before hitting the road.

However, if you're license is from a non-EU member, you need to take a theory exam and a practical exam. Be prepared for the driving test. You can practice driving in a driving school.

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